About us

Who are we

We hold the conviction that each woman is entitled to possess the lingerie that aligns with her preferences and desires

FeelFreeu stands as an esteemed and pioneering lingerie brand, driven by a sincere commitment to the empowerment of women. Our core belief underscores the notion that the procurement of opulent and comfortable lingerie need not be a convoluted undertaking. At present, the enduring heritage of FeelFreeu lingerie finds its exclusive manifestation at www.feelfreeu.com, boasting an extensive and dynamic product assemblage encompassing bras and panties.

Our lingerie line has been meticulously crafted to celebrate the inherent contours of your physique, using superior-grade materials that exude opulence. Regardless of the occasion, the pursuit of discovering the impeccable lingerie remains a continual journey for a majority of women. Our lingerie assortment takes immense pride in its ability to cater to diverse preferences. Our objective revolves around revolutionizing the lingerie shopping landscape in India, fostering mindfulness and seamless experiences.

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Feelfreeu.com has emerged as a testament to our commitment to advancing the appreciation of lingerie's significance, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with conventional clothing in its importance. Our journey began humbly, yet we have evolved into a pioneering force in India's lingerie industry. Our purpose is rooted in the empowerment of women, promoting their self-acceptance across mental, physical, health-oriented, and emotional realms.

Our mission is to destigmatize conversations around lingerie and integrate it seamlessly into the personal narratives of every woman. We assume the role of your guide, facilitating the exploration of your fantasies, commencing with the intimacy offered by our exquisite collection of bras and panties.

Recognizing the diversity that defines womanhood, we acknowledge the absence of a universal solution. Each body is unique, deserving of lingerie tailored to complement its contours harmoniously. Our range is curated to accommodate diverse occasions, sizes, and silhouettes, with a particular emphasis on an inclusive collection of plus-size lingerie spanning an array of alluring styles.

Our Mission and Expertise

The relentless team at Feelfreeu is dedicated to an ongoing process of refining designs and enhancing comfort for our burgeoning customer base across the expanse of India. Lingerie embodies a harmonious blend of sensuality and self-assurance, creating a profound resonance, unrivaled in any other pairing with your skin. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, each ensemble crafted by FeelFreeu is meticulously curated to instill unwavering confidence.

Our team of fitting specialists collaborates seamlessly with every customer, aiming to curate selections that resonate perfectly. Drawing from an array of considerations including size, utility, features, fabric, style, and occasion, our experts provide meticulously tailored recommendations that align with the customer's budgetary parameters.

Our Vision and Sustainability Commitment

Our overarching vision revolves around cultivating a daily sense of well-being for women, allowing them to carve their individual beauty benchmarks, and fostering open conversations surrounding lingerie.

Our brand's foundations are rooted in sustainability across all facets. We meticulously select eco-conscious materials spanning from initial raw resources to packaging, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to mitigating environmental risks. Aligned with the 'Make in India' initiative from our inception, we proudly produce 85% of our offerings within the Indian borders.

Our Brands and Fabric Philosophy

Our commitment to a 'No Discomfort' policy is a genuine cornerstone of our approach, exemplifying our dedication to fostering a shopping environment free from any dressing room inconveniences. At Freefreeu, our ceaseless efforts revolve around establishing a seamless platform that empowers women to shop with unparalleled comfort. Anchored by a comprehensive size guide, you can harness your personal space to accurately measure and select from our exquisite lingerie collection. Our products are meticulously designed to harmonize with the dimensions of everyday women, resulting in a fit that is both flawless and imperceptibly snug.

The cornerstone of our creations lies in the deployment of premium-quality, sustainable fabrics designed for longevity. Our fabric selection encompasses a diverse array, encompassing cotton, nylon, lace, and spandex. Our diverse lingerie range caters to an extensive spectrum, ranging from full-coverage bras to panties, available in an array of sizes, colors, and silhouettes. Our lingerie is conceived to transcend awareness, encapsulating a seamless and gentle embrace that will render you oblivious to its presence.